How to turn off Automatically Downloading Updates in Windows 10? [Disable Auto Updates][for all WiFi networks]

Windows Updates?

In Windows 10, updates are mandatory and more automatized than in previous Windows versions. Some Windows 10 editions include the option to defer upgrades for a limited time. Security updates however are excluded from this option, everyone receives them automatically.

In earlier version(windows 7/8/8.0) of there are option in control panel to turn off auto updates. But in windows 10 We can’t easily turn off this update, so here are one method to turn off automatically downloading updates in windows 10.

How to turn off Automatically Downloading Updates in Windows 10?

Step 1: go to control panel and click on System and Security.

Step 2: Click on Administrative Tools

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Step 3: Click on Component Services.

Step 4: Click on Services(Local).

Step 5: scroll down until you can find Windows Update and double click on it.

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step 6: Set Startup type to Disabled & click on OK. (all done)

12 thoughts on “How to turn off Automatically Downloading Updates in Windows 10? [Disable Auto Updates][for all WiFi networks]

  1. The problem I am having is that even though in W 10 I was able to select a manual restart and set a time for it to restart, it was still checking for updates and downloading them at a time not of my choosing, and I don't seem to be able to set a time during my off-peak data usage hours, 2am-8am, for the computer to do updates, thus saving my limited peak data usage hours for what I want to do. However, I do want updates. So here's my question since I have now disabled this local service. Do I have to set my alarm each night to enable this again in order to get updates? during the hours I want to get them? It is straight up ridiculous that I would have to do this.

  2. Followed instructions, service halted set to manual computer just rebooted middle of day with no option for other times. Then when it finished it reorganized my desktop, reset my default browser, and changed brightness and sleep settings on and on. WEHO'S F___KIN COMPUTER IS THIS. I paid for it, and I can not control it as I see fit. What arrogant MS creeps, Liberals deciding whats best for you, since they are definitively for Hillary the S__t Clinton.At my first opp I will snag Enterprise version and see if it is as controlling in that echelon op system

  3. Now that Microsoft has begun to sell its own hardware, PCs with Windows installed, there may be a better chance of "compteition". Windows is not just an "operating system" it is a control freak applications suite. Soon we will be able to buy a computer without windows in it and get a reliable other OS and then we will be free of "freaky controllers'. Remote management "sucks"

  4. Did anyone see the Bing Search saying Microsoft should pay for the issues with automatic downloads? Some businesses are shutting down halting working programs.

    On another issue Spell check. Using "WORD" I have a speech impediment and have to rely on it however, I usually have to use "Google" you would think MS could do better.

  5. windows is a control freak automatically gives u stuff u do not want and cant turn off.
    My way or the highway. Good by windows will not buy another windows computer.

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