How to change system font on Android


How to change system font(whole device) on Android.

Change System Font

System font is font type that set by default for every application and also on Launcher, settings, task-bar and every ware. If you want change your font then it is for you.


Change System Font on Android

Step 1: Root your device. (click here to know how to Root) (Root is not required in every android device, you can also change font without root)
Step 2: Download HiFont & install it from following link.
Step 3: Give root permission to the HiFont.
Step 4: Download font from the app and install it.(you can also download font from another website and select this font in app).

Another features of HiFont.

HiFont is the best flipfont installer for android. Hundreds of handpicked written fonts style like cute, darker, candy colored fonts are all for you. And it is compatible with the font program on your phone

HiFont is designed to apply the COOLEST and most STYLISH fonts for your phone. You may download hundreds of fonts to customize your phone for FREE! Love, sweetie, colorful as you like.
We handpicked hundreds of most stylish and coolest fonts with different types, and is very easy to be applied. A change of a font, a change of a feeling.
Each colored font are specially designed for a specific themes. With our colorful font, you will expand the beauty of your font into a very new dimension!
Main features:
1.Support Samsung phones(via Galaxy S3 ,S4 ,S5 ,Note ,Note Ⅱ ,Note Ⅲ ) to change font perfectly (No root needed)
2.Support HTC,Motorola,Lenovo,Huawei,Nokia X and other phones to change font (Root needed)
3.Support Flipfont changer system
4.Support to use your own custom fonts.
5.Provide super big font for the elderly
6.Provide font for dyslexia font to help dyslexia readers
7.Adapt Solo Launcher
9.Cool emoticon and cute smiley & color font for android 4.4 plus.
10.Easily to change font size.
11. Special designer’s font zone added!!!
12.New font will releasing weekly.

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