15 best URL shortener sites for track location and shrinking URL.


What is URL shortener?

It means convert Long URL to short URL like http://www.tricks4me.com/15-best-url-shorteners/ to https://goo.gl/MwfLtR using the URL shorteners you can also track location, browser, and a number of clicks on this link.

Why is it important?

• Sometimes your link size is very long so it is good to convert it in short size and easy to share, tweet.
• Sometimes you share something and you want to track total clicks on that link and track location of clicks.


Best URL shortener websites for shorting URL size and track clicks and location.

1. Goo.gl
2. Bit.ly
3. Ow.ly
4. X.co
5. Poeurl.com
6. Yourls.org
7. Tinyurl.com
8. Bit.do
9. Tiny.cc
10. Shorte.st
11. Ngg.la
12. Snipli.com
13. Wif.red
14. Is.gd
15. Uoft.me


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