Search and browse with Microsoft and Earn free rewards to get discount in Windows store.[Xbox Live, Groove, Skype, Outlook][bing]


What is Microsoft Rewards?

Search, browse, and shop with Microsoft. Earn free rewards.
It’s the easiest way to get rewarded for doing what you already do with Microsoft.

  • Here’s what you get with Microsoft Rewards
Movies, music, games, apps, and more. Just redeem the points for the content you want, or use points towards the purchase of an Xbox One and other great devices. No other program gives you benefits for doing the stuff you love with Microsoft products and devices.

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How to get this Rewards?

For the rewards you must have Microsoft account, and this service is currently available in only USA.
Goto Microsoft rewards and join it. Now you get rewards by using,
  • Search to earn points

Search on Bing while signed in with your Microsoft account to keep putting points on the board. When you level up, you’ll earn faster!

  • Shop to earn points
Whether you’re grabbing a new game from the Windows Store or buying a new laptop from the Microsoft Store, earn points when you purchase.
  • Browse to earn points
Spending time online has its rewards when you actively browse the web with Microsoft Edge. Just stay signed in with your Microsoft account to earn.
Learn more
  • Xbox Live Rewards
 Join Xbox Live Rewards to get access to exclusive offers and Rewards. You can get rewarded for completing missions, taking surveys, spending in the Xbox Store and more.

Where You can use this Reward?

For use the reward click here
  1. Groove Music Pass
  2. Microsoft apparel and gifts
  3. Windows Store Gift Card
  4. Xbox digital gift card
  5. Xbox Live Gold Membership
  6. Online Microsoft Store Discount
  7. Skype Credit
  8. Skype Unlimited US & Canada
  9. 3 Months of Ad-free
  10. donate $1 to Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  11. donate $1 to Teach For America

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