How to Login multiple account of any website in same browser? [login multiple facebook account]


Login multiple accounts

There are many users has multiple accounts of any website like facebook etc. Here Gmail allows to login multiple accounts in the same browser but all another website does not allow to login multiple accounts.

So here are the two methods to login different account of the same website from the same browser.

How to Login multiple accounts of any website in the same browser?

Method: 1 Using Incognito Mode

Step 1: press ctrl+shift+N to open Incognito mode


Step 2: Now open the same website you can Login different account!

Method: 2 By adding New Users

Step 1: open google chrome
Step 2: click on user icon and click on Switch person


Step 3: click on ADD PERSON then select icon and set username and click OK

Step 4: now you can login your account to the same website in chrome browser
Step 5: if you want to switch to the old account then Right click on user icon and select user




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