How to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android


How to view forgotten Wireless Password on your Android device?

Saved WI-Fi password

If you try to connect any Wi-Fi with password then it is saved on your device but you can’t see that directly, so if you want to see this password then follow this step.


How to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Step 1: Root your device. (click here to know how to root)
Step 2: Download ES File Explorer from following link and install it.
Step 3: Open ES File Explorer and swipe left to right to open Fast Access.
Step 4: Turn on Root Explorer
Step 5: now go to data/misc/wifi then open wpa_supplicant.conf in ES note editor.(or any viewer)
in this file ssid is the name of Wi-Fi and psk is password of Wi-Fi.
Step 6: Don’t forgot to share it with friends…!!!

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