How to uninstall Built-in applications on Android


How to uninstall Built-in(Default) applications on Android

Built-in Applications
In Android device there are lots of unwanted Applications are built in. You can’t uninstall this type of applications directly. If the number of applications is more then they acquired more space in your device as well as in RAM. So  if you want to uninstall this type of applications then follow this trick.


Uninstall Built-In Applications.

Step 1 : Root your Device. click here (important step)
Step 2 : Download Link2SD android app from Google play Or Alternative Website & install it.
Step 3 : Open Link2SD
Step 4 : Grant permission of Root
Step 5 : Select your application which you want to uninstall.

Step 6 : Click on Action.

Step 7 : Click on Uninstall & click on OK..

Step 7: Don’t forgot to share it with your friends…!!!

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